Are you earning money from Twitter?

Well you should be – or at the very least you should be planning how to turn your commercial photography business from one where Twitter is something that you participate in because you think you should, into something that creates a genuine revenue stream for your business.

There are photographers out there who are actually selling social media images – charging clients money for supplying images that are specifically designed for use on business’s social media networks, Facebook pages and Twitter streams.

The demand for this type of content by businesses is going to grow, so how can you turn this into a product for your business that you can earn money from?

1. Be active on social media yourself – nobody is going to ask a professional photographer to take images for their social media campaign if they don’t demonstrate a clear and practical understanding of the channel themselves.

2. Be prepared to sell this idea to your existing clients

3. Help them understand how you can add value to their existing photo-shoots by creating a mini-social media shoot at the same time

There is a real opportunity for forward-thinking photographers to collaborate with their clients and come up with ideas for social media campaigns. We’ve blogged recently about the importance of making your value to your clients crystal clear. Any photographer who is worried about declining day rates needs to raise their game and very obviously add value to their product and their relationships with their clients – if they want to protect themselves from losing commissions to the half-price photographer down the road. Adding a social media strand to your commissions is a perfect example of this.

Images are so important for social media and the challenge for you as a professional commercial photographer is that you’ll need to be prepared to give your clients some compelling reasons why they should be investing in professional photography for social media, and give them ideas about how they can use the images that you will produce for them.

To help you build this into your own photography business, we’ve created a special training event which, is serious, business-changing material. It will give you everything you need to confidently sell social media images to your existing and potential clients:

  • Market insights that you can use to persuade your client to invest in social media photography
  • How to develop your own strategy for using twitter so that you have a credible story
  • A process to follow to enable you to collaborate with your clients to help them build an effective social media campaign based on using your images
  • Example case studies of real Twitter campaigns so you can see how it’s done
  • Live questions & answers
  • Optional 30 minute personal follow up session

For full event details and to register, please click here



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