Are you working on your photography or in it?

The difference between working on your photography business and working in it

Working on your business is not the same as working in your business, and naturally, the focus many photographers have on a day to day basis, is doing the work they’re paid to do by their clients, and spending time doing personal projects to develop their portfolios and creative style.

What is true for all everyone who runs a businesses, photographers included, is the difficulty in balancing the doing with good quality time spent on developing and growing your business.

When we did our day-rate survey, 30% of UK photographers and 44% of US photographers told us they worked less than 5 days a month, while 39% of UK photographers and 33% of US photographers worked between 6-10 days a month.

The majority of photographers also told us that they were concerned about their prices being eroded and they were regularly undercut by other photographers, both professionals and amateurs.

Working so few days a month causes many photographers real anxieties, as does the realization that your client numbers are dwindling. Combining this with price pressures creates little, long-term financial security.

The key to strengthening your business is spending time on it; improving your offer, creating pricing strategies, growing your client base, looking for more revenue streams and trying different approaches to the commissions that you are asked to quote for, to see if they improve your success rates.

What’s great about all of these things, is that they can be done with little, and even no financial outlay, the investment coming from the time that you spend on them.

The difficult part is knowing exactly what you should do and how you should do it, to make this time spent on your business productive so that you see the results and start to get more work.

This is why we set up The Hub.

What we learned from our photographer mentoring sessions

We’d been working on a one-to-one basis with many photographers for almost 18 months on their businesses and marketing strategies, and recognised many common experiences and problems. Yet the solutions in most cases were straightforward. What the photographers we mentored found most valuable was the fact that we could tell them what would work, how to do things they knew they should be doing, but weren’t 100% sure they were doing right and the motivation we could give them to keep going with their growth plans and marketing, so they kept an eye on the big picture and their long-term goals, which meant they made progress, rather than getting sucked into the day to day, and never managing to make the changes they wanted to.

Every single photographer we worked with got more leads and more commissions. Some were able to put their prices up, others launched new products, including jumping in and offering video to their clients for the first time. Taking a long-term approach and staying confident that they were doing the right thing was what got them the results.

We knew however, that mentoring was an expensive option, and that many photographers wouldn’t want to make that type of outlay, so we set about creating the Hub to put all of our learnings and experience into a webinar-based programme that tackled all the key issues that we’d come across with our 1-2-1 mentoring.

Webinars are great, but no-one is ever going to be able to schedule their work commitments around them, so we record all sessions and email notes from those sessions to our members. That way, members can access the information from webinars whenever they want, in a way that suits them.

To support the webinars we also created worksheets and templates that help members in a wide range of ways – from guides to creating emails and spreadsheets that help track your progress with your contacts database, to working out your blog strategy, and pricing for your photography as well as strategies to incorporate new products and revenue streams into your existing business.

Members get 12 month access to the Hub, so they can work through everything at the right pace for themselves.

We’ve taken care to create a very cost-effective way for photographers to get lots of high-quality information designed specifically for them, based on what works in this industry and designed to offer support right from your photography proposition to the commissions you land.

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