BLOG Out of the frying pan into the fire…photography graduate’s stories.

We recently posted a question asking for your experience either as a photography graduate, or working with graduates, with a view to understanding what the skills shortfalls were in the education process. As all we had a good response, so thanks for everyone who sent us their views.  There was one quote that stood out and literally left us open-mouthed:

“In 2007 there were more photography students in the UK than tax paying photographers in Europe.”

Many people who graduating in photography and decide to try and find work in the industry will end up as freelancers, working for themselves in a highly competitive and challenging market – a real baptism of fire.

There was much frustration vented about the fact that educational institutions accept and charge students huge sums of money to train people into an industry which isn’t large enough to sustain its current employment levels, let alone provide realistic incomes for new graduates.

Anyone entering this profession will need to start by really focusing on their marketing and networking skills, as well as taking a very single minded and entrepreneurial approach to establishing themselves in this industry.

We don’t know to what level these skills are incorporated into the curriculums as a whole, but we’re keen to continue this discussion and invite our followers to tell us what, if any training their colleagues offered to give them the tools to set themselves up in business.