Do poor images stop customers buying products online?

Eposure, its members and its many followers are all convinced about the value that commercial photography brings to a business.

We know that good photography works on many levels; it enhances the customer experience, it helps to sell product better and it reinforces a businesses brand values.

Anecdotally, we speak to many non-photographers, the general public, everyday consumers who back up our argument, for example telling us that the quality of an image regularly affects their decision to buy a product or not, when they are shopping online.

For many years, brands have been investing in UX for their websites, with the aim of getting their customers as quickly as possible to the check-out. Now, of course this makes sense – as consumers we don’t want to find it hard to navigate around a site – but what has been lost as a result of this focus, and is missing from many websites, is a good visual experience for the customers. And for many businesses, this really means a good Image Experience, with more creative and inspirational use of images to engage the customers on the site, and to tell a better story about the products they are browsing online.

For brands and businesses to pay attention to our case for better images and take them seriously, we need numbers – we need good data to show that our opinions really are mirrored by a large proportion of the general public, so we’ve created a survey to do just that.

We need your help

To get as many respondents as possible, we’d like our readers’ help to post the survey out to their own social networks and to send it to as many of your friends, contacts and family as you can. The opinions that we need here, are those of non-photographers – so that we can be confident that our survey is unbiased!

The survey link

Early results

Since we posted this out (14th February) we’ve had a great response and the results at this early stage are already substantial, and are showing some very interesting trends that present a good case for improved photography, but the more responses we get, the more impact we will get from our final results.

We’ll be publishing the results of the full survey on the site once it is complete.

Thanks for your help!

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