Eposure is launched!

Welcome to eposure!
We’ve now officially opened our doors – so welcome to our brand new site! We hope you like it and will be tempted to give it a try. Eposure is an exciting new way for commercial photographers to showcase their portfolios and be associated with a real drive to raise the profile of commercial photography in the UK.
We’ve answered a few questions that we think people might have here, but if you have any more, then please drop us a line at support@eposure.com
Who is eposure for?
Eposure is a members only portfolio site, available exclusively to commercial photographic professional; including photographers, stylists, retouchers and art directors. (Unfortunately we cannot accept professionals who don’t work in the commercial sector i.e. wedding and family/school photography – this is outside of the remit of the site and also the expertise of the site founders!)
The site is also for buyers of photographic services, enabling buyers to quickly and easily look for and contact talent.
What is different about eposure?
The site offers the best search experience available in the marketplace, designed to make it easy for buyers to find great photographers to commission.
Eposure isn’t just a site, because it’s run by a full time team who are constantly promoting commercial photography to businesses. We know that our members don’t always have time to promote themselves so by promoting the site to as many people as possible, our members have a greater chance of being seen by businesses and agencies.
What sort of promotion are eposure doing?
These are the main things we are doing to promote the site:-
PR. We have a PR agency employed to work with us to promote our site and the members to photography & art buyers within the advertising, marketing and business community.
Blogging. We constantly write about commercial photography issues and promote them across the internet via social media and other bloggers, which we know drives lots of traffic to the site.
Social media promotion, using twitter, linked in, facebook and other channels to get our message out there!
We’re members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). This gives us access to lots of other businesses, and gives us a forum to speak about the value of commercial photography in business.
There’s lots more planned and in the pipeline. We’ll use this blog to let our members and followers know what we’re up to.
What if someone wants to commission me through the site?
Eposure don’t get directly involved in the commissioning, We concentrate on promoting the site and our members, and let buyers get in touch with members themselves.
Want to know anything else?
Click here to to view our prices and read the benefits of using eposure – Try us free for 30 days!

If you have other questions, then please email us on support@eposure.com



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