Great commercial photographs of 2012

At the end of the year its traditional to look back over milestones and achievements of the previous 12 months, so we thought it would be interesting to see what our members’ photographic highlights of 2012 were and invited them to send us some of their best images, and to find out what it was that made those images or commissions stand out. It’s a great insight into how professional, commercial photographers work, and we’ll be posting several of these stories between now and Christmas.

To kick of these stories we’re starting with one from Rebecca Wild from Photopia Photography; a great tale of ingenuity and resourcefullness!

Summer in January?

‘Inevitably, commercial photographers are always in the wrong season… in the “heat” of summer we are singing jingle bells and dressing the Christmas tree, autumn comes as we are shooting valentines chocolates… and in the depths of winter we are thinking warm thoughts, trying to capture a summery scene.

Now some photographers are lucky, and get to fly half way round the world to have summer in Oz, however our commission for brochure images for a BBQ company this year, meant that with 16 hefty gas BBQ’s this simply wasn’t even a consideration!

It was also important to our clients that the food was actually BBQ’ed for real so we needed to consider how to keep our food stylist out of the cold for the three day shoot, but also be able to operate and cook on one BBQ without smoking us all out!

So… our task was: to recreate summer, in a well ventilated space, in the middle of winter, with space for 16 BBQ’s. Our answer… an old cow shed of course!! The slatted walls meant good airflow allowing the smoke to dissipate quickly, the roof provided ‘just’ enough shelter to keep off the elements and the icy rains, and there was plenty of space to store the 16 BBQ’s, our food stylist, our kit, the client and willing real models.

To recreate summer, we laid turf and decking, sourced plants from a friendly local garden centre, printed a 3 metre backdrop of a blurred garden scene, and lit the scene to mimic a bright summers day. When it came time to capture each of the final images, our willing models took off their three layers of jumpers to reveal their summer clothes and tried hard not to shiver as we shot the scene!’

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