Growing a photography business: the formula

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Why do some photographers make more money than others?

The fact is, when you profile succesful photographers you start to get a better understanding about exactly what brings that success, and interestingly, it’s about much more than photographic talent.

Working with photographers over the years, we’ve been able to see behind the images and look right into the way the busiest photographers run their businesses, and even now, working with photographers directly, we’re putting that insight into practice all the time, helping them take their businesses to the next level.

Watch it here! The formula for growth

Following the success of the day rate survey and the phenomenal interest that it generated, we wanted to give Eposure members and followers something practical and directional that explains what makes a successful business.

It’s been a while since we wrote a brand new webinar, but we think that outlining the formula that you can use to take your photography business to the next level will be very interesting viewing for many ambitious photographers.

What we’ll cover

This 20 minute presentation gives you key insights from our experience, and the methods we’re using every day to grow photography businesses. It offers a tried and tested insight into the steps photographers have taken to grow their business, so you can apply the same process yourself:

  • The mental challenge ahead
  • The importance of having clarity in what you want to achieve
  • Understanding your business proposition and how you need to redefine it to achieve your goals
  • What you can change in your business to achieve growth
  • How to change your website cost effectively
  • Finding new clients, the essentials
  • Coping with being busier
  • Consolidating your growth & keeping it growing

If you’ve been working in photography for a few years and are frustrated by the fact that each year turns over pretty much the same, then this webinar will make you aware of what you need to change.

Similarly, if you are a photography student, or a photography assistant who is looking to set up a photography business then this will also help you get an understanding of the most important things you need to be aware of to get your business going.

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