How photography studios can improve their marketing

If you are a commercial photography studio you are in the marketing game, so how you market yourself will say a lot to your potential clients about your own business.

However amazing your product is, you can’t rely on that alone for long term success. Potential clients will research photography suppliers before they sign up for anything. Even if they love your photography, how you come across in your marketing will be a factor in how they make their decision, or back up their recommendation to their bosses.

Marketing your own business is a tough job. Its takes real discipline focus on how potential clients see your business and to structure your marketing in a way which tells them what they want to know, rather than what you want to tell them.

How are you selling yourself?

Effective marketing needs clarity of message – what will you do for your clients that nobody else can do?

When you are thinking about this answer, remember that less is more. Launching into a list of 15 things that you do will be much less powerful than picking 3 things that really set you apart. Think about how you react when you see some advertising or marketing that is targeted at you. Are your drawn in by the headlines or the details? Make a big story to attract attention. Anyone interested will look for the detail later on.

We see a lot of photography studio marketing material, and most of it looks nice – well designed, nice print etc, but it rarely gets across the real feeling that we get from those same studios when we go there in person. And we are often surprised how much more they are doing than comes across on their websites or brochures.

One of the most difficult things for any business owner, is to find their real niche:

  • You can’t separate the most important messages to the clients from the ones that are important to you
  • You struggle to make the most powerful messages about your business stand out from the more mundane messages
  • You worry about missing anything out

A typical scenario is the business owner spending ages deliberating this – but your time is money, as are the opportunities you’ve missed while you’re trying to make up your mind. Give yourself a deadline to crack this, and then if you’ve still not done it, get some outside help. Don’t underestimate the value of getting your business correctly positioned.

Get a grip on your marketing

If you want growth, you need an effective marketing campaign. The good news is that marketing is something you can do yourself relatively easily. But there are rules for success:

  • Are you clear about what you are trying to achieve?
  • Are your processes efficient (are you making good use of your time)
  • Can you measure your results?
  • Have you got short, medium and long term goals?
  • Have you got patience?

Don’t rely on one route

For our own marketing, we refer to them as ‘pillars’. We want as many marketing pillars propping up eposure as we can, so that if one stops working, then we can be confident that others are still driving traffic, enquiries and leads.

Don’t leave out your existing clients!

Your marketing should also be targeted at your existing clients too. (You have a database of your clients don’t you?).

Are you speaking to them on a regular basis? Are you keeping them up to date with what you are doing? Are you reminding them you are there?
Don’t just rely on emails and twitter though. The odd mailer and phone call will be appreciated


Think about new products and services you can add on, that you can up-sell your existing clients onto.

Re-package or brand your existing services to strengthen them. Show that you are embracing technological developments and have a future facing business. This innovation creates new selling strategies, it creates news about your business and content that can drive traffic and enquiries back into your business.

We hope you find this post useful. If you need more help, we offer specific and tailored support on a consultancy basis. To have a chat about how we work and how we could help you, drop me a line at

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