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Guest blog written by Christianne O’Connor from Roland Dransfield PR:


At Roland Dransfield PR, we recognise just how valuable photography can be in supporting a successful social media campaign for commercial property.

Social media has – and is continuing to progress at a rapid rate. Gone are the days of just traditional media announcements, with more and more companies using visual content to support their media and social media campaigns.

Following a recent project on behalf of a client, it became clear how powerful photography can be…

Piccadilly Place is a mixed-use development by The Carlyle Group and is located in Manchester City Centre. The scheme is a regular home to a number of exhibitions and photo shoots, with a recent local Manchester photographer taking over the realm. Andy Marshall (@fotofacade) requested to use the roof of building between 06:00 and 23:00 back in May 2012, taking a total of 8,000 images. Using the images, Andy was able to piece together the entirety of images to create a time-lapse film of a day in the life of the city. The outcome was phenomenal, and as a result of sharing the video on Facebook and Twitter, the video achieved press coverage on BBC North West, and a number of Manchester publications and online blogs.

What we have recently found is that photography in social media isn’t just about documenting a moment or point of view. It’s also about capturing that moment well so it can be appreciated and shared. Andy’s Piccadilly Place video has illustrated the importance of using photography as a selling tool to promote commercial property.

Comment from Eposure’s Gabrielle

Hearing about what buyers want from commercial photographers is fantastic information for anyone who is trying to win more clients.

We were delighted when we met with Christianne and had the chance to really understand how the Roland Dransfield PR team view and commission commercial photography. As a business they place a very high value on photography, because they know that the quality of the image they use in their PR work has huge influence on the success of a given PR campaign. As is true for most businesses, PR companies need to continually innovate and deliver a constant supply of effective, new ideas to their clients. They told us they were always receptive to receiving approaches from new photographers – as long as they showed the promise of creative collaboration that would benefit their clients. Because of the importance of social media in PR these days, they also told us that they would be very unlikely to commission a photographer who wasn’t actively using social media themselves, a view that we suspect is likely to become increasingly prevalant across many other sectors in the next few years.

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