Is your website holding you back?

Our live, FREE webinar will give you all the information you need to decide if your website is holding you back from being a more successful commercial photographer.

Register here for our first FREE website surgery for commercial photographers!

Over the past couple of months, Tim and I have spent a lot of time working on a one to one basis with a number of our members, giving them detailed marketing support and advice for their commercial photography businesses. Its been great to work directly with members and to see that we can make a real difference to the way they are doing their marketing activity, by giving them practical advice they can use and ideas they can implement.

Because we’re limited to the number of people we can work with on an individual level, we wanted to find a way to make some of this advice available to a bigger audience, so we’re introducing a LIVE seminar programme that you can join us at, for FREE.

We’ve noticed that commercial photographers are a modest bunch, really underselling your amazing talents, so we’ve put together a presentation programme that is aimed at giving you the insights and tools to really start to show your clients and your potential clients, how great you are, and give them strong reasons to believe you, all with the aim of making you more relevant and appealing to the type of photography buyers you want to work with.

Commercial photography is a tough business and its been made even more difficult by the nervous economic climate. So, with clients harder to come by, every ambitious commercial photographer needs to work a lot smarter to attract business from new and existing clients. We say smarter, because this will make a bigger difference to you than just dropping your prices (which we don’t want anyone to have to do) and because our experience really can help you make your websites, your email campaigns and your social media activity work a lot more effectively, without you having to do tons more work – because we know you’d rather be shooting!

Register now for the Commercial Photographer’s Website Surgery

Our first FREE seminar is open for registrations. We have two dates, the Tuesday October 9th 9:30am and Wednesday 10th October 6:30pm. You can register now by clicking here

These free seminars have been put together specifically for commercial photographers based on mine and Tim’s experience of working with photographers, photography studios, advertising agencies, photography buyers, and a whole range of blue-chip clients for over 40 years between us (we don’t look that old, I know!). Over the series we’ll be covering a wide range of subjects but for starters, these are the ones that will be running first:

  • The Commercial Photographer’s Website Surgery – turning your website from a portfolio site to one that gives buyers the information they’re looking for
  • Why you need to stand out from the crowd, and how you can do it
  • How you can market yourself with the minimum of effort – what are the basics and how to make them work
  • How getting a pricing strategy in place will help you protect your margins

There will be other subjects added to this, but these will arm you with some great material to start with, and as always your ideas and suggestions about what you would like us to cover, are more than welcome.

How it works

We’re running these seminars through an online webinar service which means that wherever you are you can join in, via your Mac or PC and listen LIVE to our seminars. We’ve been testing the service out for a while and are massively impressed with the functionality, and also how straighforward it is to access it and to participate. Because the seminars are live, you can ask questions during the session, and best of all, we’re running them for FREE – you don’t pay to join the service and because you listen in via your computer which means you don’t pay for any call charges – we can’t think of any negatives really. You can even have a brew and put your feet up while you’re listening!

Who can join?

They are open sessions, so existing Eposure members and non-members can attend these seminars. The presentations and discussions that we’re having will be totally focused on advice and ideas that are geared towards practicing commercial photographers, so the content won’t be as relevant if you work in a different sector.

Want to find out more?

You can register here for the first session ‘Commercial Photographer’s Website Surgery’.

If you would also like to sign up to recieve for our full webinar schedule which includes more information about each session, then please send an email to “>



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