Photography, a powerful digital asset

Business are convinced of the benefits of UX, or User Experience; the creation of intelligent and instinctive user journeys online. But what about the Image Experience, or more specifically the Photographic Experience? Many businesses overlook the role that photographic images play during not just the site journey, but also the extended purchase process that a customer goes through. Photographs can influence an image right up to the point of purchase, with consumers telling us that poor quality product images have actually stopped them from buying products online.*

Consumers are actually very adept at understanding and interpreting the photography that they see on websites, and they are very quick to form opinions – positive and negative – about the companies they are transacting with, based on the photographic images they see on their websites.

Eye tracking studies show that consumers actually ignore images that are not giving them any useful information during their time online, yet on average, around 61.5% of the average web page is made up of images, and a substantial proportion of this will be photographic images. (Source: HTTP Archive January 2013).

Well planned photographic images have the power to influence a huge range of areas for any business that relies on photographs to sell its products and services:

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Taking the right approach to your photography, and understanding how you can create strategies for your images that link into other key areas of your business strategy, can bring wide ranging benefits.

Our free webinar explains exactly where a more considered and strategic approach to photography will benefit your business. We’ll give you a framework to follow and show you some very practical insights into how you can apply this to your own business.

The webinar focuses the following areas that can be influenced by the optimised use of photographic images:

1. How images can link the User Experience (UX) & Customer Experience (CX)

2. How images can engage with consumers throughout each distinct stage of their purchase process, from inspiration to information

3. Building the photographic story into the site design

4. How creating your own photographic style can help you achieve competitive stand out

5. The value story – how the right image can help your products be judged on more than just the price

The webinar is live and hosted by Tim and Gabrielle. The presentation will last 30-40minutes and will be followed by a live Q&A session.

Webinar dates

Wednesday 27th February 12pm GMT, to register please click here – Registration Closed

Thursday 28th February 12pm GMT, to register please click here – Registration Closed

*Preliminary findings from Eposure survey, ‘How images affect customers’ shopping online’. For more details please contact



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