ProActive & Intensive Membership – FAQs

We’ve had a great response to our Intensive and ProActive membership programmes since we launched them at the end of 2012. In this post, we answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Who is offering this?

This is the only programme of its type in the UK, and its been specially developed by Eposure’s founders, Gabrielle O’Hare and Tim Bilsborough, based their extensive experience of working with commercial photographers and photography buyers across a wide range of sectors, and is based on our knowledge of effective marketing techniques.

What is it?

The programme is based on a series of personal one-to-one sessions, carried out either on the phone, via Skype or in person at our offices in Manchester. They are held by either Gabrielle or Tim, depending on the area that we are advising you.

We create a personalized programme, based firstly understanding you and the detail of your business and your goals for growth as well as the issues that you feel you most need support on.

We work in partnership with you, and you have control over what we are covering because we make sure we agree on all the details before we go ahead.

How does working like this help you?


The main reason why photographers approach us to work with them, is to help them grow their business by attracting more clients and developing other revenue generating strands.

2. Commitment & incentives

Photographers often tell us that they’ve had good ideas about growing their businesses for years, but have lacked the commitment and incentive to stick to their plans. They tell us that working with us helps them to work more consistently to achieve their goals.

3. Confidence

Working on your own, it’s hard to know if you are on the right track or doing the right things. Our experience and support gives you the confidence to know that you are on the right track and also gives you the opportunity to talk through your ideas and conundrums to work out the best way forwards. Or if you want to add a new service into your business, such as video or twitter photography, we can help you do this with confidence.

4. Learning

Our process is one where we can fast track your learning, in areas, such as using Twitter and social media, effective blog writing and techniques to give you more confidence when making sales calls.

5. Progress

Working with a mentor, helps you achieve things quicker than you would if you were working on your own. Our approach is action-focussed – we do things rather than just talk about them, so we can make a difference to your business quickly.

How is the programme structured?

There are two options for our mentoring programmes, Intensive and ProActive.

Each approach will give you the same support and advice, the key difference is the time it takes to make all the changes you want.

Which is right for me?

1. Intensive

If you want to make lots of changes to your business quickly, and have time to spend on it between our calls, then the Intensive membership is best.

The programme kicks off with an in-depth analysis of you, your business and your goals, as well as highlighting the key things you want to change and the areas that you need the most support with. After this session we agree an outline action plan and then have a weekly hour-long call, where we make fast progress on resolving your issues, we pack a lot into an hour!

In one hour, for example we can create a spec for a new website, create an email campaign, develop your twitter strategy or give you loads of ideas for good blog content.

The intensive programme lasts for 8 weeks, with an hour long meeting each week. When the 8 weekly meetings have been completed, you can continue to meet with us monthly for 4 more months.

2. ProActive

On the other hand, if you tend to be quite busy with your clients, and don’t have massive amounts of spare time and are generally happy with your business, but need a hand to get it to the next level, then ProActive could be a better option for you.

ProActive clients tend to want our help to show them how to attract a better class of higher-paying clients, or to help them create and run a much stronger marketing strand within their business, or help them get a new revenue stream off the ground.

There is no minimum sign-up period with the ProActive programme. You simply stay on the programme as long as it’s useful to you, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

What happens after the sessions?

After each session we send you comprehensive notes of everything we have covered, usually within a few hours.

We’re also available between sessions if you need a hand with something or a quick answer on something that’s on your mind.

How do I sign up?

For the Intensive membership, you need to contact or to arrange for an invoice to be sent. We charge 50% of the total fee up front, with the second installment 4 weeks later.

ProActive members can sign up on the site, through their account page. If you need any help with this, then contact

More information

If you’d like more information about either of these programmes, please feel free to contact either myself (Tim) or Gabrielle to arrange a chat.



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