Taking the next steps

The recession has dragged on so long, but there are signs out there that small businesses who have been sat on their hands waiting for the corner to be turned, are starting to feel that its time to take some positive action, and we know many commercial photographers who feel the same way. And this is prudent thinking because there will be many people, in similar positions to yourself who will decide to hang on a bit longer, but the photographers who move now will be the ones who emerge stronger in the long run.

So what is your next step and how confident are you about the New Year?

We use this blog to publish articles that offer marketing and business advice that is specifically geared towards commercial photographers. Our free webinars build on this, and we know from the feedback we get from them, that they are giving you good advice, timely reminders and inspiration for a renewed focus on the important things that you need to get done to keep pushing your business forwards.

Getting to the next level

But what about when you’ve got the basics in place, or really want to take your business to the next level and gear up for a serious push in 2013? Doing that on your own, is not for the fainthearted, which is why we’ve recently added another tier of service for commercial photographers where they can work directly with the Eposure team, Gabrielle and Tim.

So, how exactly does it work?

Many photographers are already feeling the benefit of this new service, but we know there are a few more out there who are still thinking about whether it is right for them, so we wanted to give you some more specific examples of what you get if you become an Intensive or ProActive Member.

Firstly, we spend time getting to know you, your work, your experience and discuss what your big plans for your photography business are. Right from the first meeting we start to encourage you to aim high and be ambitious and work on creating plans and actions that really will raise your game.

But it’s not all talk. We balance the talk with quick fixes, things you can do immediately to get things moving. We won’t be telling you to spend even more of your money on website redesigns, mailings, rebranding etc… Instead we look at what we can do either for free, or very cheaply to build up your audience and sell your product to your audience in a better and more compelling way. And believe me, there is an awful lot you can do and that we recommend you do first, for little or no cost, that can make a big difference to your business.

One of the areas we spend a lot of time with our members on, is helping them create advertising campaigns for themselves. We write copy for and help them select the right images to create intriguing and creative email campaigns which is a great way to get results quickly.

Keeping it fresh

Another area we spend a lot of time in is looking deeper into the business and working together to develop new revenue streams. This could be by finding a new audience for your work, or helping you branch out and get a new skill added into your portfolio, such as video, or even repackaging your existing work so we can sell it in a slightly different way.

Making money from social media

Many photographers are using social media, but very few are actually using it in any organised way to make money from their clients. So we create strategies and ways of turning it into a revenue stream that links in well with your existing photography, without having to spend all day on Twitter!

Know where you are up to

We’ve created a way of working that lets you see what the long term plans are, and also see immediate progress to get things done now. After our meetings or our telephone calls, we document everything and email it to you, so you have a detailed record of what we’ve agreed and can check that we really are making progress and ticking everything off your list.

Our meetings are creative, full of ideas and inspiration, and not full of marketing jargon and marketing homework!

More ways we help

Other areas we help our members is helping them quote, or put together tenders. We look at pricing and how and where they can earn more money. We even help out with production, if they get the opportunity of a big job we are an add-on production resource for them.

Without breaking the bank

All in all, we’re proud of being able to provide such a great service for such an accessible cost. We’re confident it works, but there’s no commitment from you. You can cancel and stop the programme any time you like.

If you think you’re ready for the next level, give us a call to have a chat about you and how you want your photography business to grow in 2013.

tim@eposure.com 07815 033327
Gabrielle@eposure.com 0777 303 2602

To read some testimonials from happy members, please follow this link


Don’t forget, Eposure is now free to join so if you are a professional commercial photographer then why not sign up? For more information please visit the membership page on the site.



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