The New 5D – turning photographers into videographers?

We’re in the middle of a web video movement. Consumers like it  because they started it – on YouTube, and because of this, businesses are rushing to get a piece of the action in a quest to get more sales and achieve that utopian goal of social sharing of their products.

For brands wanting to incorporate video into their marketing, there is a huge gap in the market, which sits between the polar opposites of home-produced YouTube videos and high-end TV productions.

This presents a real opportunity for commercial photographers. Video production can be a natural extension of a photographer’s skills which Canon have clearly recognised with the enhanced video capability of its 5D Mark lll. And the fact is, the type of video that would be produced by professional photographers starts to fill this gap very nicely indeed. The stills set up would work effectively for video production, and professional photographers already have an intimate understanding of the product that they are shooting, so would understand the additional characteristics that could be conveyed with a short piece of footage.

From a client’s point of view, they get video and stills from the same shoot, which is convenient and time efficient. But the real key to this approach is that footage produced this way would have just the right level of production values to deliver cost effective, professional looking videos which are perfect for the relentless needs of the web.