The new photography buyers

The changing face of photography buyers

Staying in touch with your clients – commercial photography buyers old and new – is important to any photographer who want to keep their business growing and relevant to the demands of the market that they are in.

There is already great awareness of the value of commercial photography in many of the traditional sectors, such as advertising and PR agencies and the editorial and publishing sectors for example, but there is a huge growth in the number of new start-ups. The high street and retail markets are shifting steadily online, and digital agencies are growing in numbers and represent a very buoyant sector. Other corporate sectors such as solicitors and accountants are changing shape as they become self-marketers, so we suddenly find ourselves in a commercial landscape of growing businesses – all needing photography – that don’t fit the traditional notion of photography buyers. And then, you have to remember, that the traditional role of photography is also changing, because there is still a huge potential to incorporate much more photography within business’s social media marketing – and very few big agencies and businesses are currently truly able to say they are using these channels effectively.
The beauty of a commercial image
There is much celebration of the aesthetics of photography, but the new-model buyers want to understand how that beauty translates into commercial success. And this is what Eposure loves about commercial photography; the way a photographer can capture something in any object – however photogenic – and has so much power in a commercial context to be able to influence the amount of a product’s sale, or where it can price itself; or how it can convey a complex set of corporate brand values to an ordinary consumer.

Making the right impression

Many of these new businesses that find themselves needing photography for their brands or websites may well have little or no experience of either buying photography or awareness of the ins and outs of how it is produced. This means that photographers have to work that bit harder to explain how they work and what the process is and how costing and licencing works in a way which bridges this knowledge gap and use it as an opportunity to forge strong and positive relationships with potential new clients.

The new rules of promoting a commercial photography business

The changing face of photography buyers and the unstoppable growth of social media has created a new set of rules for photographer’s to follow, which affect how they position their business and their own brand of photography. It affects how they need to market it and even how they quote and manage image licensing agreements with their clients.

Get ahead of the curve

If knowing how to find and work with these new buyers or successfully work within the social media landscape sounds a bit daunting, don’t worry – if you start working on this now you’ll actually be ahead of the curve, because so many commercial photography businesses are still working within the traditional model. So now – 2013 – is a great time to start changing the way you think about selling your photography and how you can grow your client base by finding new audiences and turning social media into a revenue generating stream for your business.

More support from Eposure

If this is an area that you would like more support with, we are available to work with photographers on a one to one basis. For more information about our one to one mentoring programmes, please visit our membership page here, or contact or



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