The year of visual marketing (and valued photography)

Commercial photographers, listen up. Apparently 2013 is the year of Visual Marketing.

Leading agencies and marketing think tanks are predicting that this year, consumers will be looking for much enhanced visual experiences from brands. In normal speak, this means that consumers are getting more savvy at recognising high quality imagery and design, and as such are demanding that brands who want their attention – and of course, their money and loyalty – give them better looking websites, higher quality advertising and better photography.

Businesses are increasingly recognising that consumers naturally gravitate to better design, and better images, so upping their visual game is one modern tactic which will help them stay ahead of their competitors

Visual marketing, of course extends to social media, which will grow like crazy in 2013. At a commercial level, social media is all about brands engaging with their customers. And the thing that makes social media engaging – we’re mainly talking about twitter, facebook and instagram here, is brilliant photography! So Eposure predict that at some point in the not too distant future, that businesses and brands will start to realise that the only way that they can start to cut through the sea of average-standard images cluttering up the social networks, is to start to use professional photographers in some capacity to help them.

And they need to, because as their customers get better at taking pictures themselves, with their smartphones and tools like instagram, businesses will have to raise their game or risk the fact that their images won’t give them the status amongst their peers and the people who buy their products, that marks them out as desirable organisations and brands.

So what does this mean for photographers?

Photographers will be able to capitalise on this, by making sure that they are up to speed with this development in the market. This means creating content on your websites, in your marketing materials and on your social media networks that mark you out as someone who is well placed to support businesses and advertising agencies in their move to up-grade their images.

Music to our ears

This is exactly what Tim and I spend so much of our time talking about, both to each other, and to the many businesses that we work with.

One of the key aims of Eposure is to make sure the people who commission images improve their understanding of photography and improve their appreciation of the value of photography. Not only the value in terms of cost, but also the value that fantastic photography brings to a business in terms of the influence on customers’ perception of a brands’ products, ethos and brand values.

So we look forward to a year where businesses are more switched on to the skills of photographers and invest proper time and resources into really looking into their own photographic strategies.



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