Using your current shoot to win the next one

We all talk endlessly about social media, but many commercial photographers don’t feel like they have the real knack of knowing how to make it work as a marketing tool that will win them new clients.

This blog sets out a ready-made strategy for photographers to bring together a few social media channels and turn it into a promotional campaign.

Let’s start with twitter.

Are you using images in your tweets?

Well you should be. As a photographer, you have a huge resource of the perfect type of content to make social media work hard.

More people open links and actually engage with the tweeter when there are images in the tweets, and engagement with your followers will be something that leads to conversation, relationships and commissions.

A great way for photographers and stylists to use twitter is to use it to create a reportage of your shoots while they are live. But don’t forget the words too – remember you can only see the image when you click on it, so tell your followers what you are doing and make use of hashtags to help people find you and follow you.

While you are on a commission (or a personal project), think of it as a mini campaign for yourself and your business. Use it to build up and target new followers.

Try and get some conversation going with your followers; some feedback and new ideas etc, and get a buzz and some interest going around the shoot.

When you have finished, turn the whole thing into a blog. You should have a great story with a good mixture of words and pictures to give an insight to the shoot, the location, the set up, the people and personalities who were there, and reference the people on twitter that made a contribution or followed it.

Better still, encourage your client to do the same or do it as a collaboration together. You can provide them with the content (as part of the package or for a separate fee) that they can use to publish the shoot within their own business and to their own customers. Make sure, as part of the deal that they credit you with the images, and that they provide links to your site or your blog.

When you have written your blog, send it out to your other clients and to some new ones. Don’t just wait for people to come to your blog. Send it to the people you engaged with on twitter too – a great opportunity to turn the twitter chat into more personal correspondence.

Share your blog on Facebook, linked in, tumblr and stumbleupon and tweet it of course! you will see a marked improvement to the traffic on your site.

Don’t forget to add some information about you at the end of the blog, your name, number and email. I am amazed when I read photography blogs, by how many times it’s impossible to find the contact details of the author! If your blogging to get business, always make it ridiculously easy for someone to get in contact with you – don’t expect a buyer to search out your details.

If you decide to try this for yourself, or you already do it, don’t forget to send it to the eposure team too – we’ll link it in to our own social media activity or even feature it on our blog, to help you get even more traffic and leads from it.

If you have any specific questions in relation to how you might make this work for you, then leave us a comment and we’ll reply with more detailed ideas and suggestions, or email me on

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