Webinar Wednesday

Join us on Wednesday for a webinar special!

Throughout January we’ve run all of our webinars to give you the chance to get some great new ideas and advice for key areas of your photography business. This Wednesday, we’re holding two webinars. As always they will be hosted live by Tim & Gabrielle, each one lasts 30-40 minutes and we’ll hold a Q&A session at the end.

We’ve had over 200 photographers join in these webinars so far, and they are open to members and non-members of Eposure alike. The feedback we have has been brilliant. Photographers tell us that the advice is relevant and useful and the whole experience is a good opportunity for them to step away from the day to day and reflect on the bigger issues.

Webinar schedule – Wednesday 30th January

Is your website holding you back?

9:30am GMT, Weds 30th Jan

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Photography quotes – be more than just a price

6:15pm GMT, Weds 30th Jan

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For more details about what is covered during these sessions, we’ve included a brief overview for you:

How to quote photography jobs – be more than just a price

What are the tactics you can use to give you more confidence when you are quoting for commercial photography commissions? Do they help you get out of the mind-set of having to bow to the ever present pressure and preoccupation of deciding what is the lowest price that you’ll go to?

If you keep dropping your prices, then your long-term future could look bleak, so we check out the basics that you should be doing, and give you a bit more to think about by looking at steps you can take to help you stay out of the pricing mire, and get some focus and direction into your business to actually help your earnings increase over time.

Were repeating one of our most popular webinars which gives you tactics to use to , designed to help you work round this situation. and we’d like to invite you to join us for a presentation which will add an interesting dimension to the whole subject of quoting, including borrowing some of the tactics that are used by leading advertising agencies to make their quotes stand out above their competitors and – very importantly – make sure that their potential clients see that there is much more to them than just a price, which is a huge battle for many commercial photographers today.

This session includes information and advice which will be useful for all commercial photographers, whether you are an established business, a new start up, or even a bigger studio employing several photographers.

Is your website holding you back?

If you have a website to promote your commercial photography business, then it should be a source of clients and enquiries for you. If you’re not confident that your website is working for you, then our webinar could give you the insights you need to change it to make it work.

The webinar has been put together to give commercial photographers the knowledge to decide for themselves if their websites are holding them back from being a successful commercial photographer.

Our 40 minute session will give you the tools to appraise your own website and to decide if it is doing the following for you:-

  • Is it putting you and your skills in the best light for buyers?
  • Is it communicating your offer clearly enough to potential buyers?
  • Is it giving buyers the right type of information that they need to make a decision about whether to shortlist or contact you?

The ability to look at your own website with a fresh perspective will give you important information that you can use to make improvements to your own site, to improve the amount and type of commissions that you get.



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