Why I always remember this image

A few years back I was working with Baxi, the boiler people shooting stills for some new product launches and an ad campaign to raise their profile among plumbers.The job was being managed by Phil Hackney, our Director of Photography and he came up with this novel approach, which a trusting client bought into with great results.

It’s a shot of a boiler, and it was the first time anyone ever thought of shooting a boiler in an unconventional way – not just a white box on a wall. We all know what a boiler looks like, especially the plumbers we were advertising this to – so why not show them a different take on it for a change? It made a great advert, looked brilliant on the front of their sales brochures, and most importantly, it stood out miles from the competition and gave a very positive impression about Baxi’s standing as a business.

This shot was used time and time again to demonstrate to many different clients how our photography professionals were skilled at applying these creative techniques to otherwise uninspiring products – which the world is full of, to make them stand out from the crowd. It was a brilliant story to tell, it started some great conversations and won us even more business.

Have you got a similar story? We’d love to see your creative shots of everyday products.

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